Mayo–can’t live without!

Do you make your own mayo? Really, you should. I mean it. It’s easy.  I must first admit, I do keep a jar of mayo in the fridge at home – in fact, but I like making my own every now and again. Some of my novice foody friends have asked me lately how to?

I start with two egg yolks, a nice teaspoonful of Dijon mustard and a good pinch of kosher salt. Whisk it together, then add, drop by drop, an oil of your choice. I like to use grapeseed oil, but any neutral tasting oil will do. Some people like to use a light olive oil for half or one third of the oil, or a dribble of some kind of nut oil, depending on what you’ll use the mayo for. Your choice.

Keep adding the oil, whisking and whisking away as you go. In the end, you’ll have added about 250 ml. of oil. If the consistency is to thin, add a bit more oil – if it’s to thick, you could add a couple drops of water, but start by adding a bit of lemon juice, to taste, that oughta thin it a little too. Salt and pepper to taste, and then you could go for:

Caesar Salad Dressing – add a couple chopped up anchovies, a squirt of lemon, a good grating of parmesan and you’re all set.

Sesame & Tamari Dip – mix equal parts drained yogurt and mayo, add toasted sesame seeds and a couple “glugs” of tamari. Awesome with carrot sticks. This sounds so simple, and it is, but I swear, everytime I serve it, people ask for the recipe.

Ranch Dressing –  I use three parts mayo to one part sour cream and one part buttermilk –  garlic freshly chopped, salt, pepper. And oh, chives, instead of dill. Who am I kidding, this isn’t Ranch dressing. But it’s good.

Garlicky Mayo – lots and lots of chopped up garlic & lemon zest in there, and it’s perfect for all kinds of fried seafoods.

I know, this is going to sound terrible, but it’s sooo good my Mom says! Try mixing it with soy sauce, a little honey and wasabi, for sushi.

Chicken salad – and egg salad, and tuna salad and any mayo-based salad. And in sandwiches………..Got to get back to work!!

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