Bacon: A Fifth Food Group!!

bacon_slicesI just got back from food shopping, have you realized there is an overwhelming selection of bacon-flavored snacks that any bacon worshipper can stock their cupboards with?

There are bacon chips and sticks, bacon and cheddar crackers, bacon squares, and Baconzitos – just to name a few. Every brand, every crisp, chip, stick, fry, ring, puff and cracker is available in bacon flavor at your local grocery store to help curb your bacon craving. And for those of you who have an adventurous lust for bacon, you can now broaden your cultural horizons with Bacon & Cheese Crickets. *chirp chirp*

You can even buy Gourmet Bacon Popcorn.

Everyone knows that pig is the new cow and with Bacon Jerky you can enjoy your favorite dried-meat snack with a punch of smoked pork.

What about dessert you say?  Not a problem try Vosges Chocolate Bacon Bar with apple wood smoked bacon, alder wood smoked salt all covered in deep milk chocolate.

Of course, the highend chocolate maker could have called it quits right there and returned back to dark chocolate and nuts, but they decided to create another pork and cocoa masterpiece, the Flying Chocolate Pig. Yes, it is exactly what you are imagining – a pig-shaped milk chocolate confection filled with applewood smoked bacon and alder wood smoked salt.

It’s not just for humans, either – puppies even get to join the fun with these Bacon Pet Treats.

Pork Fat Rules!!

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